Prepare For Difficult Transitions

Nobody knows what our future lives may bring, except perhaps the likelihood that an elderly spouse, parent or sibling will require care in a nursing home. Unfortunately, planning and saving for the eventual cost has become nearly impossible for families of average financial means, in large part because long-term care insurance has become unaffordable; in larger part because the costs continue to skyrocket year after year. Costs now exceed $6,500 per month.

Medicaid Planning Services For Dubois County And Surrounding Areas

I opened Krodel Law Office, P.C., in Jasper because I recognize the concerns families in Dubois County and surrounding areas face when confronted with the impossible costs of unexpected nursing home care for a loved one. The spouses' life savings can be drained in months, as their adult children face the emotional burden of deciding how much, if any, they can pitch in to help.


The Right Kind Of Knowledge And Experience
Legitimate, effective Medicaid planning requires knowledge of state and federal tax laws beyond simple wills and trusts. I am one of only a handful of estate and probate law attorneys in this region to be invited to participate in a master program in long-term asset preservation and Medicaid planning.

Is your family facing a crisis requiring immediate legal remedies to meet the unexpected cost of care for your loved one? Do you see long-term care in your future and want to plan your estate now? I am ready to help with the knowledge and experience hundreds of families have counted on.

In addition to estate planning, probate and elder law, we also help clients with real estate transactions, business formation and other matters.

From my office in Jasper, I advise and represent individuals and families throughout southeastern Indiana. Call me at 812-482-4264 or use the convenient email contact form to explain your circumstances and request a consultation.